Statement Pieces – 5 Ways to Make Them Real Statements

Lately, minimalistic fashion has been taking over. Elegant and chic as it may seem, minimalism is not unique to one person. Anyone can wear black jeans and a white t-shirt every day, but being able to stand out while doing it…it takes gutss to make statements

The secret to being a fashion goddess is simple. For every outfit that you own, add a statement piece. Adding pieces that make statements helps you stand out. It makes you unique. Okay, sure, statement pieces are terrifying if you a minimalist. But they don’t have to be.

Here are 5 unique ways to make your statement pieces real statements without ruining your perfect white t-shirt.

1. Wear an awesome jacket.

The trick with statement pieces is making them look so chic that everyone wants to go and buy one that very second. Jackets are a great way to make a statement. Leather jackets with embroidery, suede motos, distressed jean jackets, the list is really endless. You could wear the most boring shirt with the most boring jeans and add a cool jacket and bam! Therefore, you’ll be a sought after, trendsetter and you’re so chic fashionista!

2. Pick a crazy pattern.

The crazier the pattern, the bigger the statement. Statement pieces literally have their definition in their name. Make a statement! You can’t make a statement when the pattern on your clothes isn’t loud and attention grabbing. Pick a pattern that literally makes your eyes cross if you look at it for too long. THAT is a statement.

3. Go outside of your comfort zone.

Statements aren’t meant to make you comfortable. They are meant to separate you from literally everyone else in the entire world. Statements take you from the comfort zone and put you in the “I’m not taking anything from anybody today” zone. If you normally like dark, safe colors, grab a bright and sunny pair of shoes and add them to your simple outfit. Statement pieces can be anything from a pair of shoes to an oversized hat. Start small and grow from there.

4. Make it “you”.

While bright colors or crazy patterns might not be “you,” find a clever way to make it “you!” If orange is your favorite color, make that your statement! Pick a pattern with a lot of orange in it, or add an orange belt to your monochromatic outfit. You can’t make a real statement if it’s not your statement to make. So find something that reflects your style and roll with it!

5. Be confident.

Finally…be confident! Because people are very perceptive, they can sense if you aren’t sure about what you are wearing. Even though it doesn’t matter what other people think of you, if you are trying to make a statement, you have to grab the attention of your audience. Dress confident, look confident, feel confident. There is no reason for you not to feel confident in the beautiful outfit that you have created. Just do it, girl! And most of all, give those haters a good, fashionworthy reason to hate.


My name is Lynnie and I am the creator of thediamonddays – a fashion and lifestyle blog dedicated to helping women find their own personal and timeless style and feeling Beautiful, Unique, and so “You”. Fashion is my passion and I love sharing it! You can find my fashion blog at and you can follow me on Instagram @lynniegstreet or

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