Why Every Skin In 20’s Need To Use Toner

Kate Winslet once shared her thoughts about aging and women. She said, “I’m baffled that anyone might not think women get more beautiful as they get older. Confidence comes with age, and looking beautiful comes from the confidence someone has in themselves”.  A lot of that confidence comes from having taken painstaking self-realizations and even patience in carrying out self-care throughout the earlier decades of your life.

Your Skin Affects Your Confidence Level

Like it or not, none of the use can really get away with the fact that the confidence that we gain as we age is affected a lot by how gracefully we become older, including how we look like as we do. How your skin appears when you’re 50 is shaped a lot by how well you’ve managed to take care of your skin when you were 20. Here are the top 3 reasons why we dare say so:

Your cellular activities when you are older are affected by your lifestyle choices earlier in life.That includes whether or not you’ve been smoking if you’ve been eating healthy and exercising well, and if you have been giving your body sufficient time to carry out daily fixes to rejuvenate cells all over your body, including your skin.

UV, free radicals, and chronic skin dryness can permanently damage your skin.The top extrinsic cause of skin aging is when you fail to protect your skin from UV. The other damaging factor is free radical damage which damages your skin down to the cellular level. If you haven’t been good at protecting your skin from these factors, you can expect to show signs of skin aging sooner.

Your skin care routine can make or break your skin. You don’t need to integrate just any skin care into your daily grind rather, you need the proper skin care that suits your skin type and your skin needs.  Any best face toner reviews or, any skin care strategy will make that a top adviser.

Tone And Hone

Toning may be a cherry on top of the cream for some but, a toner can be a major deal breaker or maker. Here are the top 7 reasons why you need to get toning as early as your 20’s:

Toning draws out impurities from your pores.  One of the most basic functions of a well-formulated toner is that it should be able to draw out dirt, excess oils and product residues from your pores to prevent infections that can cause acne breakouts and even permanently damage your skin in the process.

The best toner for oily skin and large pores is one that is laden with salicylic acid or, any beta hydroxy acid (BHA) for that matter. BHAs help gently slough off your skin’s surface layer with every toner application which also stimulates a new skin layer to be formed and to surface. What makes it especially great for oily skin types is that BHAs also help in regulating oil production.

Toning relieves skin inflammations. Redness, itchiness, and blotchiness can all look superficial but, when these are chronically experienced by your skin, these can cause permanent damages that make your skin look old, dull and loose in the longer term.

Toning rehydrates your skin. Washing is never enough because it strips off your skin’s natural oils. A good toner brings back the moisture while simultaneously preparing your skin to receive more from your moisturizer.

Toning tightens your pores.  This makes a toner integral in smoothening out your complexion.

Toning locks in moisture. Tighter pores make less moisture able to evaporate to the surroundings. That means more moisture to quench your skin.

Toning restores your skins healthy pH level.T0 maintain a healthy complexion, your skin needs to be at the right level of acidity to keep the good bacteria in and the bad bacteria out to prevent infections.

Toning can add more benefits to your skin.  The best toners serve multiple functions, and most consist of moisturizers, antioxidants, vitamins and even trace elements to support healthy skin to thrive.


So, remember, your 20’s is not the time to neglect your skin just because you know it can recover faster. It is the time to prevent future damages because, even in skin care, prevention will always be worth a pound of cure.

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