5 Ways of Wearing A Crop Top in Summer 2017

“Anyone can get dressed up and be glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are most intriguing.” -Alexander Wang

Ah, summer! The perfect season for clothes with as little fabric as possible. Considering the scorching heat, it would only be appropriate for women to be sporting clothes that are either flimsy or cut in various ways so as to allow ventilation to keep themselves cool and comfortable for the summer. One particular clothing style that has been making a lot of waves, not just during the summer season, but in almost all of the seasons, has been the iconic crop top. Once though to be a clothing style definitive of the nineties has now been a mainstay staple of most women’s closets. Additionally, they are great tops to complement your streetwear from wholesale dnine reserve—making them possibly one of the most versatile clothing pieces in existence. Indeed, crop tops are fashion pieces that are here to stay so it is best that we should learn the best way to style it with everyday garments. So that wherever we may go and whatever the occasion may be, we would always look great baring a bit of our skin and stomach.

1.) Pair with high waisted pants or shorts

If you are a bit skeptical in showing skin and leaving your stomach entirely bare, compromise by wearing high-waisted shorts or pants. Not only would they cover a major portion of your belly leaving only a sliver to be seen, but they also define your curves better and would make a great complement to your crop top. Ease yourself into wearing bare belly crop tops by wearing them with high-waisted shorts and pants first, and then little by little, you can start wearing them with your regular shorts and pants.

2.) Pair it with a jacket

An excellent way to rock a crop top without leaving yourself too bare is to pair it with a jacket. Depending on the type of crop top you are donning, leather jackets usually do the trick. However, if you want to opt for something a bit more feminine, cardigans would work as well. If you want a sleek and professional finish, then reach for your blazers and pair it with your crop top for a more corporate and office look.

3.) Pair it with a bright midi

If you are attending a formal party or event and do not want to seem to be too dressy for the occasion, wearing a crop top with your favorite midi skirt is an excellent fashion compromise. Opt for a midi skirt that is voluminous and is in a vivid color. This ensures that attention will be drawn to it rather than the crop top you are sporting and any visible skin you might be showing. Finish off the clothing ensemble with a pair of well-chosen high heels and a clutch bag to match.

4.) Choose one with a high collar

If wearing high-waisted pants or shorts is not your thing and yet you are adamant about not showing too much skin, choose a crop top that has a high collar. If you wish, you can even wear crop tops that have a turtleneck neckline. In this way, you might be leaving your stomach bare, but your neck and most of your upper bodice are reasonably covered. Pair it with your favorite low-riding jeans or shorts to finish off the look.

5.) Choose baggy jeans

If you want to channel your inner street chick or your inner rock goddess, wear your black crop tops with a black jacket together with your baggy jeans. The combination of well-fitting clothes in your upper bodice and loose fitting garments as your bottom creates a cool downtown vibe that is both edgy as well as sophisticated. Showcase your favorite crop top together with your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans to pull off this look.

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