Best Tips To Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh And Pretty In Summer

“I swear to God, happiness is the best make-up,” Drew Barrymore, who now runs her own makeup line, once exclaimed.  There is no denying still that makeup has revolutionized the way women wear their confidence out on their sleeves.  Though you love makeup still regardless of the season, the heat, the sun, the sweat and humidity all take a toll on your skin and the environmental conditions pose real challenges in keeping your makeup on and shine-free.

‘Poof’ Goes Your Makeup

Summer never fails to leave you in awe and bewilderment. Keep ‘wowing’ everyone in your circles with your perfect summer complexion. Here are summer makeup ideas that will help you keep your cover and pigments on, all summer long:

Beautiful skin can never be achieved without clean and clear skin.  Regularly exfoliate your skin to eliminate flaky, dry skin sitting on the surface of your skin. When those are gone, newer, younger skin surfaces and gives you a much better canvas to which makeup can toughly cling onto to avoid slipping.

Washing with a cleanser that contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) day and night will help prevent build up of debris consisting of excess oils, dirt, product residues and other impurities on your skin surface. It also regularly stimulates your skin to speed up collagen production that keeps it younger looking. A toner that boosts your skin moisture and then tightens your pores can help your skin stay hydrated in spite of the heat.

Tip No. 2: Treat Your Skin With Moisture.

Even oily skin types must never skip on moisture, not even during summer.  To avoid greasy skin, avoid oil-based moisturizers and go for water-based serums and lotions instead.  If you still feel the need to hydrate your skin with oil, reach out for essential oils instead. These easily and deeply penetrate your skin without leaving grease on the surface.

Tip No. 3: Use a Multifunctional Product.

Another strategy that will help keep your makeup looking fresh and stay in place all day is by keeping your cover sheer.  Instead of putting on layer after layer of serums, foundation, concealer and sunscreen, consider applying a matte finish BB cream instead. This product is all that in all but one swipe — can anything beat that? None for now that’s why you should seriously consider making it part of your summer makeup routine.

Tip No. 4:  Use Your Concealer And Your Smarts.

Even with a BB cream, it will help to add concealer where your pigments will go.  The texture of your concealer will help keep your colors in place.  Place some on your eyelids, eye lines and lips. Set before putting on your colors.


Tip No. 5:  Take It Easy On The Mascara.

Mascaras bleed under intense heat.  Since you don’t want that smudge across your face, it’s high time you find out the answer to the question, “Does Revitalash work?” Eyelash enhancers let you grow natural hairs on your eyelashes to lengthen and thicken them. It takes at least two weeks to see some noticeable improvements so, you better start applying one as soon as possible.  Two other options that you can consider are falsies and eyelash extensions.

Tip No. 6:  Keep Everything Light.

That includes even your eye shadow and lip color. The darker   your pigments, the more noticeable the slips will be  in the likely event that happens when you sweat and when your skin starts to grease.  Keep everything in nude and, remember, your daily summer makeup goal is to enhance, not turn your face into a disco fiasco collage of vibrant colors.

Tip No. 7: Skip The Glitter And Shimmery Makeup.

Don’t use them for your cover. Neither should you use one for your eyelids or lip color.  Shimmery makeup will make you look like you just sank your face into an oily plate of meat as soon as the humidity and heat begin to set in. Choose soft matte products to complete your summer makeup looks.

Tip No. 8: Bronze And Blush.

Again, do so minus the shimmer.  Bronze the deep points of your face and highlight the high points to create a contour. Put on a little blush, not the one with glitter, remember?


When your makeup is done, set it with a spray. If your purse forces you to cutdown on your beauty stash, just have your BB cream and your lipstick with you.

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