The Rise of Sportswear – How to Get Fashionable Sporty Look for Women of Today

Whether you are only going out for an easy jog or working out at the gym, or into complete blown and competitive sports, there is no purpose why your sporty wear can’t be sexy as well as fashionable simultaneously. Keep in mind for a sporty appearance that is fashionable also and keep your makeup easy in one or two ways: either neutral shades on both lips and eyelids or a bold shade on one like red lip color. Well, in this article, we are going to give you top outfit ideas to dress up like a sporty girl.

Outfit ideas for a fashionable sporty look for the women of today:

City sports style:

Skinny jeans coupled with low top black converse shoes and sports jumper. Simply add in sunglasses, a contrasting red leather bag, and some chunky jewelry for an ideal city style. This clothing is ideal for the girls who wish to keep their outfit elegant as well as simple and ideal for all events. This clothing also suits for college and workplace due to its modesty. And for this clothing, the outfit idea first goes for elegant blue shaded skinny jeans and after that wear loose sports sweat top over the jeans. Even you can try for going for creativity and get the ones with ordered numbers. In terms of shoes, you can try black and white classic sneakers. And lastly, for the bag, you can try a cross body bag in any bright shade for making it pop over your clothing for instance yellow or red.

Army look:

Skinny jeans with camouflage t-shirt – You can add low top sneakers and NY baseball cap for a more sporty feel. For the days when you do not have any idea what to wear and when you simply feel like you have nothing to wear also, camouflage t-shirt is the best option. For this type of clothing, opt for the camouflage tee with elegant blue skinny jeans. Always remember to roll the bottom an inch of your jeans for making them look perfect and super cool. You can even try pink shaded sneakers with this clothing idea as pink shade looks just appropriate with green. Even a pink shaded baseball hat over it can also be tried for making your clothing look fashionable. This clothing is ideal for going on a date where you wish to keep everything casual and also when you are going to a bar for some time pass.

Trainers with leather pants:

Sports jumper with high top trainers and leather jeggings – Complete this look with simple sunglasses and a woolen beanie hat. This clothing may be slightly uncomfortable for sports as leather tights are not really stretchable but this clothing looks very sporty and sexy on every type of girl. Start by trying jet black colored leather tights for this outfit and then you can opt for a loose sweatshirt which is full sleeved for the top. Additionally, you can try a black furry beanie. You can even add everything which is black for matching with this clothing with a slightly pop of contrasting shade. Try to keep your shoes slightly different for instance you can try white or red sneakers or shoes.

Nike with skin tight jeans:

Scarf and gray jumper with contrasting red Nike trainers and red skin tight jeans – Accessorize this appearance with large white leather handbag and sunglasses. The sexy red is ideal for everybody who wishes to look different and sporty in the crowd. For this type of outfit ideas, opt for striking and bright red skinny jeans and team them up with a pale gray shaded hoodie for toning down the vibrant red shade. In terms of the scarf, you can try dark gray shaded triangular scarf around the neck or you can even opt for an infinity scarf as well. In terms of footwear, the best option will be wearing red sneakers or joggers for matching with the shade of the jeans.

Sleek sports fashion:

Gray gym crops with white patterned hoodie. You can match this style with a couple of running trainers and utilize a matching amazing overcoat for an additional layer. This outfit inspiration is ideal in case you are going to take a cup of hot coffee after having an exercise session. Additionally, it can dress you up to meet up with friends right after workout time. For this clothing, you can try gray color crop sweatpants and couple them up with a gray color overcoat and a white hoodie for keeping you warm through the chilled winter days. This clothing can be tried with various color options; you do not need to stick to only two of these shades. Keep your options vast and wide.

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