A Comprehensive Checklist to Buy Designer Shoes

Shoes are the creme de la creme of attire. Shoes may cover only 3-4% of your body, but they are the foundation of any accomplished ensemble. Good shoes compose your look, accentuate it and can glam up the simplest of outfits just by adding a dash of colour and elan.

Today I am going to discuss about why anyone should invest in a decent pair of designer shoes.  So, let’s start talking..

Material is the king

It doesn’t take too long for something to be a hot favourite, if you seriously lust over it for some time now. And when you splurge hard cash on a piece, it quickly becomes the apple of your eye. You bet! Just like all favorites, you get to wear it a lot, whenever possible. Give a keen eye to designer leather shoes’ material before you decide to make your investment decision. Often, I have heard patent shoes are less prone to scratches and scuffs as compared to soft leather. In fact, they make the shoe last longer, especially if they are worn regularly. Now that you know, go and get shopping.

Go classic, Go black

This may sound repetitive, but I can’t have enough – a classic pair of black leather shoes can never go wrong. It is the most versatile piece of footwear a man can ever own. It is timeless and can never go out of style. Wear it with formals and perfectly nail the boardroom look. Or team it up with a semi-formal outfit and say hi to ultimate suaveness! Since BLACK is the colour of all-season, they will never fail you. So, when you get hold of them, don’t hesitate to leave them. It may be you own many black shoes, but investing on another pair won’t rob you off from all your finances! Am I right or not?

Wait till the end

An exquisite pair of designer shoes comes at a price! So, the next time you go shopping try to do it at the end of the day. Why? Because, as the day passes by, our feet start to expand. And at the end of the day, it expands to a good amount. Purchasing shoes at the last hour will save you from the post-purchase shock, which normally one experiences when the shoe feels tighter than they were before, at the store. For comfortable shoe experience, it is very important to have about a half-inch gap between your longest toe and the shoe leather so as to allow your foot some room while standing.

Repair and return

Lastly, over time shoes takes a beating, especially the soles. As soon as a year passes, you should start checking your soles and establish a rapport with the local shoe repairer. Just by replacing your old sole with a new one can end up extending your shoe’s lifespan. Also, be sure that the newer soles should be sewn together and not just glued.! For your information. However, designer shoes handmade can be returned back to the manufacturer for revamp purposes. The designer will tend to it, repair it smoothly and safely return you back. Now, that is something!

With these super handy tips, you are all set to go out shopping!

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