How To Find The Perfect Fitting Bra With The Exact Cup Size For You

We, women, are accused all the time of being moody, emotional, and being fickle minded. Those who often complain, of course, are the men in our lives. Well, it is more poised to ignore the mockery. Those men — they don’t even know the pains women have to go through everyday.

Breathe And Let Go

There are reasons why women take more time getting dressed. We go through painstaking detail about our makeup, and it does, sometimes, take time for us to hook and clip our undies. All done for the glory of womanhood, we must say. That’s why we’re all attention for tips and tricks because they do make our lives easier. One way to take it easy with your bra is to determine the right bra cup sizes that will let you breathe.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when finding the right bra that fits you perfectly:

Tip No. 1: Always shop for a bra in store.  This is one area where you want to skip online shopping and actually walk into the store where you have an entire boutique full of choices and sizes. Although you know your bra size and cup size, these details never guarantee you will find the best bra to fit you. Only trying it on will.

Tip No. 2:  Know your bra size.  You must know what bra size you are. Still ask the saleslady assisting you to take your size. That’s because changes in your figure size also affects your bra size. Ask your size to be measured so you know that measurement is consistent with the standard sizing used in store.

Tip No. 3: Know your cup size.  Just like your bra size, you must already know your bra size but, again, it will be prudent to have the attending saleslady to make an estimate for you based on the store standards.

 Tip No. 4: Determine what your purpose for buying a bra is. That will determine the type, form, fit, and design you need. For instance, you need to decide whether you want a sports bra to use for your boxing sessions or, a push up bra for your low neckline, body fitting dress. See why this tip is important? There is a world of difference when it comes to bras and it all boils down to what you need them for.

Tip No. 5:  Consider the kind of support you need to get from your bra.  Unlike deciding on whether or not to get yourself a Rodan + Fields Redefine Acute Care Review, which does not have many competitors at the moment, the cup size, bra size, design and construction, material used, and the front and back support all matter in determining how poor or good of a support your bra will be for your breasts.

So, take all the time you need to consider all of these factors because good fit matters when it comes to your undergarments.

Tip No. 6: The placement and construction of your bra straps influence your bra support too.  Cross-backs and racer back designs, and bras that are worn through the head and have thicker straps generally provide better support and comfort.  Straps that are placed farther out towards your armpits provide better support than straps placed on top of each breast.

Tip No. 7: When shopping for an underwired bra, always ask for three sizes. Supermodel Behati Prinsloo once lamented, “it’s hard to wear a bra the whole entire day if it’s got underwire”.  So take all the time you need to find your most convenient size Fit it in your size, one size smaller, and one size bigger.

 Tip No. 8: If you have big breasts, consider wearing full figure bras. This is the type of bra that will provide the best support, comfort and convenience to women with big bra cup sizes. It covers the entire breasts. Use this for everyday wear. Some of your outfits though may require other designs so consider the varieties you need.

 Tip No. 9: Dont rush your choice when it comes to sports bra. Make sure you are getting the best support you need for the kind of activity you will be doing. Consider encapsulation or breast coverage, and compression or how it tightens your breasts to your chest so your assets don’t bounce around.


Bras are supposed to support you not make you miserable. At the end of the day, you can choose to wear one or loose it. It’s your body. It’s your choice.

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