How To Look Chic This Spring


“Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends,” according to fashion designer, Kate Spade. We say, fashion isn’t going extinct anytime soon, not even this forthcoming Spring. Brace yourself to wear the finest in fashion this Spring. We got the best scoop from the runways all over the world just for you.

How To Wear The Finest Spring Fashion

Other than scouring the trendiest styles off of the runways of the world’s most fashionable capitals, we also mind how you can take these catwalk styles to the streets. Sashay and leave a fashion statement that will leave onlookers breathless with these top 6 outfits for you to own and wear this Spring:

1.Safari Chic.

This season, one of the most versatile Spring outfit ideas is anything that has anything to do with khaki — whether that is a dress, a pair of pants or a button-down blouse. Since this will be this season’s most wearable trend, expect every fashionable acquaintance you have to be in khaki.

Rise above bandwagon by wearing your khaki in softer, sheerer, more luxurious textiles that you can easily wear either casually or resort style. In case you need more inspiration, check out how Ralph Lauren masterfully created this look with the help of tribal-inspired accessories and a jungle flair.

2.Vintage 50s And 60s Street And Beach Wear.

There are so many fashion staples that can be traced back to these two, back-to-back, stylish decades from the dresses, shoes, all the way to the accessories. This Spring, fashion is going beyond the staples and totally warping 50s and 60s fashion outfits to present day.

You only need to look at what went down at the runways of Dolce and Gabbana and Miu Miu to appreciate how every piece, every accessory, every look was put together with these two decades in mind. This Spring, you want color, khaki, hair accessories, drop waist, bold, vintage prints but, most especially, retro, vintage and high-waist bikini bottoms — and, no, these aren’t meant just for the beach anymore but also for casual wear.

3. Colorful And Vibrant Prints.

It’s the perfect season to be checking out how does Boots No. 7 work to give you beautiful, more radiant skin. That’s because this Spring, bright colors and prints are going all out, even on your face, with MAC Cosmetics’ “Work It Out” collection. Get ready wear everything in shades brighter than the ones that you’ve always been comfortable wearing, and get ready to showcase your beautiful skin under the spotlight

4. Medieval, Sophisticated And Edgy.

It’s the look that’s been so much popularized by Alexander McQueen. These days, this fashion statement he has created knows no seasonal boundaries. Love how complex and yet so wearable his outfits are, which are no less made from leathers, mesh, lace, brocades, and all the most luxurious garments that you can think about. Inspired by these old world creations, get ready to wear the embroidered rose on your velvet pants as well as your denim jackets.

5. Metallic Pastels.

Elie Saab brought the “wow” effect to her Spring/Summer collections this season. The pieces that leave onlookers with a dropped jaw are the pieces made from metallic fabrics. Unlike the silvers and golds that popularized the metallic textiles in fashion seasons past, the talented designer had her metallics in pastel shades. When these were used to create womanly summer dresses, the result was no less than fabulous to the tenth power. This is the dress you need to wear to that next epic getaway you’re taking this season and next.

6.Lace, Layers And Ruffles.

Loose, cool and flowy is how we all want to rock it when the temp hits its peak. This season has seen plenty of takes on these three trends. The way we see it, they look best paired with bralettes, high-waist bikini bottoms, and on outfits that let non-lingerie underwear show through. Didn’t quite think these trends can get any sexier? Get inspired by the luxurious lace outfit from Dolce and Gabbana, and the casual layered dress from Altuzarra Spring. There are countless ways to wear these three trends, together or separately, that your imagination will be the only limiting factor.

Spring Look Book Outfit Ideas


Wear the best of Spring right now! Remember, your confidence will show through in every piece so, other than working the look, you should also be honest if your character needs some work too.

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