Introduction To Fashionable Home Sewing

Home sewing machines have been modified and adapted from the models which were mainly used by huge garment factories. As its name suggests, a home sewing machine is mainly used at home. There is a variety of them, though.

Some of them are manual which means that there are no control panels and buttons that you can press for quicker and more convenient means of completing a sewing project.

Modern sewing machines for home, on the other hand, are computerized and are loaded with different patterns that you can use for your tasks.

Home sewing machines are completely different from industrial or commercial ones. The latter are definitely much bigger, perhaps because they are meant to work on much thicker fabrics and are utilized almost the entire lifetime of the sewing equipment.

Thus, they need to be sturdy. They are also the tad heavier, which means it difficult for you to bring it anywhere, especially in sewing classes.

Sewing machines for home use are known to be handy. They don’t have to be really small, though you can purchase the portable ones. Nevertheless, they can be moved from one corner of your house to another with relative ease.

Why Use A Home Sewing Machine?

The use will largely depend on you. If you are in the garment or clothes creation business, then your sewing equipment means a very wise investment.

It can help you produce the kinds of clothes that you want or need to sell to your clients. But for the average few, here are the common advantages of having a home sewing machine:

  1. You can create buttonholes.

Don’t ever think that creating buttonholes is a pleasurable process. This is not, especially if you don’t have a more advanced sewing machine at home. There are a lot of homemakers who are committing mistakes along the way.

Another challenge is producing stitches for these button holes. Rest assured, however, that domestic sewing machines are really capable of producing these types of holes. But if you want something that’s very convenient for you, go for the electronic sewing machines.

  1. You can produce different kinds of stitches.

The lifeblood of every sewing design is the stitch. With the use of home sewing machines, you can create utility and fancy stitches and patterns for your sewing project.

Popular Home Sewing Machines

There are countless models that you can find in the market, and majority of them are manufactured by well-known brands. These include Bernina, Janome, and Singer, which has been around for hundreds of years.

Because of the many choices, it’s always possible that you will get overwhelmed and you will be finding a really hard time settling for at least just one. To help you out with your problem, you can take a look at these two models:

Brother XL2600I home sewing machine

Costing just a little over a hundred dollars, this home sewing machine is known for a lot of things. First of all, it is very lightweight, weighing only 16 pounds.

Second, it is highly versatile. Not only does it work perfectly for mending and sewing, but the machine is also perfect for embroidery, quilting, and even embellishment. Moreover, Brother XL2600I allows you to take more control on the length and width of your stitches.

Speaking of stitches, there are a variety that you can choose from in Brother XL2600I. There are 26 heirloom, decorative, utility, and stretch stitches for any sewing task that you have in mind. There are also a number of interesting but helpful functions like adjustable thread tension assembly and automatic buttonholer.

Singer 120 Stitch

This simple home sewing machine from Singer is perfect for beginners and those who occasionally sew. The functions are easy to use and understand, and they are what you need.

The automatic tension prevents any loose or tight stitches in the fabric. Thus, you can prevent the occurrences of creases or “waves.”

There are also LED lights, which provides you enough light to clearly see what you are doing. The electronic stitch formation makes it convenient for you to choose the right stitches and use them in your designs.

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