Makeup Trends for Spring 2017 by Skin Type

Makeup trends change very often. We’ve seen matte lipstick take over the lead in 2016. For this spring, experts agree that it’s time to bring back gloss. However, before adapting your style to the latest tendencies, it’s critical that you assess your type of skin. If you have oily skin, matte foundation won’t make you feel comfortable. The exact same thing goes for red skin tones. A specialist makes the best recommendations. Even though being in trend is the go-to way of standing out, sometimes it’s best to stick to the classics and make sure your complexion is well-taken care of.

Makeup Trends for Spring 2017 by Skin Type

Primer before foundation

An anti-redness primer may be required before applying foundation. It is recommended if your natural skin has tones of red. Women hate skin redness because no matter what foundation they use, the effect will be the same – an orange-like face. A quality primer helps neutralize pink tones. Don’t shy away from products that feature a slight mint shade. A good product will blend perfectly with the natural color of your complexion, and the end result will go beyond your expectations.

Eyebrow makeup

In the past 5 years we’ve seen thick eyebrows completely change the makeup industry. Women no longer pluck their eyebrows because the best way to frame the face is with all-natural, full brows that are meant to contour your complexity’s natural features. However, there are beauty products that women should use to give their eyebrows a uniform look. The best is makeup powder in the same nuances as the brows. After contouring, a brush is used to give definition and make the eyes pop.


Blush is applied after applying primer and foundation. However, this spring you should put aside your super dark blush powder that gives the face a dramatic appeal. The new trends focus on a natural aspect of the cheeks. Blush goes hand in hand with a great skin illuminator. Applied just above the cheek bone line, a highlighter makes the face appear fresh and clean. Use some above the upper lip after applying lipstick, on the T-zone and chin.


Makeup Trends for Spring 2017 by Skin Type

Glitter is back in trend this spring. But it shouldn’t be used in excess. Too much glitter on the upper lid makes the face look artificial and the impact is not a very positive one. Go for a matter nuances for the upper and lower lids, and use glittery eyeliner rather than a black one. Keep the line discreet to make the eyes pop and appear all-natural. Before deciding on a brand, it’s best to test the product to make sure it matches with your skin tone. Some women have very sensitive eyes, meaning that a low-quality product can lead to tearing and redness.

All-natural skin & light foundation

Ditch the conventional, thick foundation that covers all your imperfections and go for a lighter blend. Or, if you have really sensitive skin, you might want to consider a BB cream. Forget about baking, strobing and countering to achieve the perfect porcelain blend. Allow the skin to breathe and opt for a foundation that gives your complexion a radiant, conditioned allured. A skin that look fresh looks a lot trendier, especially when mixed with bold lips and a striking eye makeup.

Pretty pink

Pastel pink is in trend this spring. It’s light and it gives the face that natural glow women crave to have. Believe it or not, the most difficult type of makeup to achieve is the one that looks all-natural. Rosy shades on the upper and lower eyelids, and discreet peachy tones on the cheeks are all you need to look fresh and vibrant this spring season. Graphic makeup and natural eyeshadow add definition to the face without making it look over-charged.

We want this 2017 to be special in terms of makeup, and the trends this season are all about natural. The target is to allow the ski to breathe without adding too much; but at the same time we want our faces to look impeccable. It’s very important to moisturize in the evening. Use a face cream that matches with your type of skin, and don’t ignore the lips. The better you look after your skin at night, the more radiant it will look in the morning without too much makeup.

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