7 Upcoming Beauty Trends Oily Skin Types Will Love

Runway shows are already setting the stage for exciting new beauty trends many of us will find tempting to try out ourselves. But when you have oily skin, there are certain limitations in how far you can go with beauty experiments. Take for instance last year’s strobing trend that most oily skin gals said no thanks to. Luckily, this year seems to be oily skin friendly and the trends we will-will see in 2017 will make life so much easier if you have oily skin. The same goes true for skincare trends. In case you were wondering what beauty trends in 2017 will work on oily skin, here are the top 7 trends to consider.

  1. Matte Foundation

The focus this year will be mostly on the lip and eye makeup with face makeup taking a backseat. This is why we’re seeing matte skin taking over the runways, and the look is especially flattering on oily skin types. However, make sure to use low or medium coverage foundation or use it sparingly as this will help create more of a natural finish. Applying a mattifying foundation sparingly will also help your natural glow show and keep excess oiliness at bay. Rimmel Stay Matte foundation is a good choice for those with particularly oily skin as it contains talc which will help absorb any excess oil.

  1. The silisponge is taking over

Most of us love our beauty blenders and makeup brushes, but these tools do come with some setbacks. They absorb too much product, and keeping them clean at all times is a bit problematic, which puts you at risk of blemishes if you have oily skin. That’s why Molly Cosmetics created an applicator called the silisponge made entirely out of silicone that oily skin types will find useful. The applicator absorbs zero product and is easy to clean. The silisponge also makes it easier to use less product. Even Jeffree Star gave the product a big thumbs up. However, keep in mind that the silisponge works best with low coverage makeup.

  1. Prep your skin

To avoid looking like an oil sleek by noon, prepping your skin the right way is important. Urban Decay makeup artist, Amanda Rodriguez suggests using a hydrating product preferably containing hyaluronic acid. Unlike emollients and fatty oils that don’t work well with oily skin, hyaluronic acid creates the perfect balance of hydration and oil control. In 2017, we’ll be seeing more products introducing nano hyaluronic acid as their main ingredient as one study found that it was very effective in keeping the skin well-hydrated and even reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles.

  1. Charcoal masks

Active charcoal masks are another set of beauty product that is trending at the moment, and that can prove helpful if you have oily skin. These masks remove impurities, refine the pores, and control oiliness. A highly requested mask these days is Origins Clear Improvement Active charcoal mask made with active bamboo charcoal and white china clay. Use this mask once a week or any time you feel you need more oil control to get through the day.

  1. Minimalist makeup

Oily skin types know the struggle with smudging, shifting, and fading makeup. One way you can beat this problem is by not wearing makeup at all or wearing only the bare minimum. According to Elle magazine, this year will be all about soft pastels, barely-there makeup, and statement minimalism – sounds like a dream come for oily skin types. So, ditch all those highlighters, countering kits, bronzers, and other unnecessary products and let your skin breath.

  1. Primers everywhere

Primers have been a favorite product for quite some time now, but we’ll be seeing newer and better ones showing up in the upcoming months. If you want to keep your makeup stay put, then wearing a mattifying primer will do the trick. Primers minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, make even foundation application easier, and eye primers can also prevent your eye makeup from creasing.

  1. Try glitter

Glitter lips and glitter eye makeup is another beauty trend we’ll be seeing more of this year. If you’re an oily skin type, then glitter is something that’s much easier for you to pull off than dewy skin or facial highlighting. A touch of glitter on your eyes or lips will help illuminate your skin, freshen up your look without you having to worry if you’re overdoing it with the shine.


This year will be the year of natural and minimalist beauty that oily skin types know how to appreciate. If you have oily skin, you already know that less is more. As it turns out, downplayed makeup is this year’s trending look. Skincare innovations are also changing with each new month, and we’ll also be seeing a range of products that will make a life for the oily skin girls just a tad easier and prevent an oily and dull complexion from happening.

Photo source: Pinterest

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