How to Get Rid of Loose Skin

Because “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” according to top model, Kate Moss, we obsess over our weight and loose skin issues throughout our lives. Yes, we know, both the young and the old have these problems. Many of us “yo-yo” with our bodies and only a few really get to rid of unwanted fats and skin — and get to keep it that way.

What causes loose skin?

Before we start talking about how to tighten loose skin, let us first clarify about the real, ordinary causes of sagging skin. Listed below are three of the top causes from our point-of-view:

No. 1 Cause: Aging.  With aging, our skin simply becomes more vulnerable to the pull of gravity. When combined with the growing limitations of our skin to stay elastic, bouncy and plump, the damage and loose skin keeps adding up until the results cannot help but  become visible. Simultaneously, aging also makes us naturally lose muscles — and yes, muscle firmness and elasticity as well.

No. 2 Cause: Sun exposure.  The major culprit of skin aging itself, UV radiation causes both short-term and long-term damages to our skin. How? There are generally two types of UV that reaches our skin. The type that only reaches the surface is UVB, while the type that penetrates deep into the skin is UVA. UVB causes sunburn while UVA is the major cause of permanent skin damage that eventually show up as wrinkles and age spots but also loose skin.

No. 3 Cause: Weight loss. Rapid weight loss, most especially, is a common cause of loose skin. When you’re trying to lose weight, make sure to incorporate muscle toning exercises as well. As for drastic weight loss, as in the case of obesity or following bariatric surgery, surgery to remove excess skin may be the only realistic option.

How to get rid of loose skin.

Follow these 6 tips to tighten loose skin wherever these may show up on your skin:


Quit your vices.

Smoking, which exposes you to thousands of chemicals including carcinogens, causes poor circulation, toxins finding its way into your skin, and muscles loosening up. It causes wrinkles to appear but also for your skin to lose its elasticity and your muscle to lose its firmness and healthy tone.

Regularly perform cardiovascular and weight training exercises.

Tighten those muscles to tighten your skin. Perform both types of exercises alternatingly throughout the week to pull back your muscles and, in the process, also lift and firm up your skin. Do planks and yoga poses to build your muscle resistance, particularly on your glutes, thighs, back and shoulders. Use weights to help firm up your arms and legs.

Use firming cream.

Firming creams only help facilitate faster muscle toning. These products are not meant to be used as stand alone miracle solutions that will help you magically regain your skin’s healthy skin tone.

Among the most beneficial ingredients to help tighten your skin are moisture attracting ingredients like hyaluronic acid and co-enzyme Q10 which help firm the skin by plumping it with moisture. Another useful ingredient to have are antioxidants which revitalizes skin cells and help speed up collagen and elastin fiber production that, in turn, aid in skin restructuring.

Venus Freeze.

It literally uses ice cold therapy to contour your skin. This procedure can potentially work in your favor in two ways. First, the cold temperature drops the temperature of your unwanted fats to a level that destroys so you lose these in the process too. Second, it helps tighten your skin and improves the tone of muscles underneath. Cryotherapy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibers at much higher volumes and at faster rates.

Filler injections.

If you want instant improvement in the firmness of your saggy skin, see if filler injections are a viable option for you. Specifically ask for hyaluronic acid and collagen fillers. Either procedure will plump and moisturize your skin, making your skin appear denser, fuller and firmer.

Radio frequency therapy.

This particular non-invasive procedure works by creating a system of positive and negative energy on your skin. The resulting magnet-like environment can be thought of as waking up your skin, re-energizing these and, in turn, causing collagen production to spike.


Stop playing around with those loose underarms and pinching on your big belly. Doing so won’t solve your loose skin problems but, these 6 tips will.

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