4 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Beauty Product

Are you the girl who has tried it all, and your makeup table and bathroom cabinets are full of beauty and skincare products, but you feel that they were all a ‘hit-and-miss’? You walk into pharmacies and drugstores looking for perfection but end up feeling frustrated each time the product you have purchased fails to deliver the promised results. Do not fall into despair. Stay with us as we guide you through the maze of shopping for beauty because thanks to this checklist you will never be baffled and disappointed (not to mention broke) again.

  • Hi, I am your skin, nice to meet you

Most mistakes in the beauty and skincare department come as a result of not knowing your skin well enough. Stop assuming you know best – there is always room for more knowledge. Instead of just randomly assuming that you have normal, dry, or combination skin, take the time and visit a dermatologist or go for a free consult at your local pharmacy in order to find out what your skin type really is. This step will ensure that you never again buy a wrong facial cream, cleanser, serum etc. The same goes for makeup – once you know your type you will finally ditch the cakey foundations and find that perfection that truly feels like second skin.

  • Do Your Research and Know What to Steer Clear Of

When shopping for beauty products most of us are often oblivious to the back of the package e.g. the part where all the ingredients are listed. Once you know what you are looking for, it is of the utmost importance that you know how to read the label. Choose only products that come from renowned and dermatologically tested brands. If, for example, you are leading a fight against acne, opt for products that contain Vitamin E Phosphate, Allantoin & Aloe Vera, such as Ultra Clear Purifying Mask by Ultraceuticals. Paraben and fragrance-filled products are to be avoided at all cost, and if you need further guidance in regards to which ingredients to avoid, take this list and make it your cheat-sheet.
Beauty product

  • One step is never enough

If until this point in your life you have been the wash-and-go type of gal, now it is time to put a stop to that and make better choices. The reason Asian women have such wonderful skin is because they invest time and a number of products in it. It is high time you do the same. So, once you have covered the lessons in skin type and what to avoid, it is time to extend your skincare routine. First in line is the cleanser. After a long day, you need to cleanse your precious face. Go for gentle yet potent cleansers that will unclog your pores and then your other products actually stand a chance. The second thing you must know is that sun is the enemy, so reduce sun exposure as much as humanly possible. However, since you do not live in a bubble, the second best thing is a moisturizer with SPF, something along the lines of Clinique superdefense 25. Mists are also one of the items every girl should have upon her person at all times as they are great for all-day-round hydration, and good ones can also be useful for setting your makeup. Finally, facial masks are treats for your skin that should be indulged in every so often.

  • Beauty Does Come From Within

All the skincare products in this world will not help if your skin issues are not dealt with from within. This is why it is extremely important to know what types of food are standing between you and your ideal skin. According to Total Beauty some of the foods that you should be dodging are ice-cream, and choose dark chocolate during sugar-craving days instead. For a skin that glows from within also avoid bagels and canned foods. For more tips on what not to eat check WebMD.

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