Men’s Fashion Trends to Follow in 2017

We know it is almost mid of February and the fashion trends have already been set for the entire year 2017. However, for men who’ve been hiding and have not yet started to follow the trend, now is the time to do so. After all, it is never too late to do things that make you feel happy. With the year 2016 being witnessed as one of the most fashionable years, there’s a constant effort by the fashion industry to make things even better this year.

This piece of the blog is focused on providing you insights of what calls for a trendy 2017 that’ll help you style up your fashion quotient and flaunt it wherever you go.

Check and mate –

Did checks ever go out of style? It is a point that one needs to think about but whenever you are a little doubt, checks always help. Whether it is bold check or the subtle ones, the big checks or the smaller ones, all the kinds are probably made to save you from standing in front of the closet and wondering what to wear today. Burberry is one luxury brand that features a signature collection of checks that are must have. Go for the neutral shades of grey, brown or some other to enhance your looks.

Checkers are the universal design that can be clubbed with both formals and casuals in different ways to look absolutely stunning at the diversified occasions. Where do you don checks for? Is it only work or for romantic evenings as well?

Go neutral and classy –

If you’d remember, last year it was all about peppy shades and floral prints that took the fashion shows head over heels. However, the tables have just turned upside down and now it is the time when you invest in some neutral shades that are considered to be classy. You needn’t shop a lot, all you have to do is pull out the subtle solids that you have from the years gone by and team them accordingly to make your own style statement.

You might be wondering how you’d look if neutrals rule your style statement inside-out. What you can do is pep up your underneath fashion with a bright men’s underwear and also look for other accessories that break the monotony of subtle solids. For example, pocket square, tie, bracelets or pendants and more.

Stripes –

Another alternative to you break your monotonous days or the Monday blues is incorporating stripes in your wardrobe. Just like checks, it is difficult to understand when did stripes go out of fashion. We’ve seen our papas wearing stripes our entire life and we too have been wearing it for a long time now. Hence, it is a staple ingredient for our clothing styles.

You must have been wearing either shirts or t-shirts with a striped deign, but this year you can run your hands on trousers as well as shorts with the similar patterns. Why not try striped overcoat or suit that brings your style appeal in check? All you would have to do is keep the other half of the outfit clean and solid to bring both the styles in focus rather than making it modern art where everything is messed up.

Printed tees –

When was the last time you wore your favorite The Game of Throne’s character on your t-shirt? Or probably Minions from Despicable Me? It is time for you to pull out the printed t-shirts from your closet because the trend calls for it. They are fancy, peppy, comfortable and everything that a guy wants his clothing to be. It was back in the 1990’s when the world was swiped by the trend and it is back with the bang.

You can team it up with your favorite jeans or even shorts this time. If you are okay with waiting for the summer month to sport these individually but if you can wait till then, club them with your coat or open jacket. Just remember to go subtle in terms of color when you choose a bold print on it.

Trends keep changing and style is what is here to stay. In fact, you are the one who needs to work a little extra to make your own style quotient that is unique from others. Hence, you got to choose pieces carefully and team them in a way that they bring out the best in you to the forefront.

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