6 Makeup Tips to Look Flawless this Valentine’s

The month of February every year is a very special month where many people go out of their way to show love in their own particular and unique way. But love can never be expressed with a face filled with flaws. That is why many ladies will go an extra mile to apply makeup and enhance their looks. Celebrating love with a lot of confidence in oneself is important. This can only be achieved by working to achieve bolder and bright makeup that fits well with the theme of Valentine’s Day. However, this does not some easy. A lot has to be done, and right choices have to be made for one to attain enchanting beauty. Experts, however, say that it can take as little as five minutes to get a good look. Ensure that you make this year’s Valentine edition special by working on your face to achieve a flawless face.

  1. Use toner in place of face washes in the morning

Washing your face too often does not help you achieve a smooth skin. Frequent washing washes off natural skin oil that helps keep the skin moisturized. This exposes the skin to breaking as a result of drying. You can prevent this by swapping your morning face wash with toner. Toner helps refresh and cleanse the dull complexion. It also helps keep the skin PH in check and prevents acne and pimples. It is, therefore, important to maintain the routine of washing your skin only in the evening before going to bed and use toner in the morning when you wake up.

  1. Apply primer

After using different products and moisturizer, look closer in the mirror for the fine lines. Moisturizers settle on the fine lines and leave them visible. You can fill these lines by applying the primer after the makeup process is over. However, the primer should be used sparingly as over applying makes the wrinkles and fine lines look more pronounced than before.

  1. Reduce sugar intake and weight in check

Reducing sugar intake does not only help you keep your health in check but also benefits the skin a great deal. Too many sugars in the body increase breakout and make premature aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles more visible. Sugars in the bloodstream destroy collagen that helps keep the skin firm by the formation of molecules. Fine lines under eyes can be prevented by cutting on sugar intake, and it will help you have a good Valentine with flawless skin. It’s also important to maintain your weight because when you add weight, you stretch your skin making you look aged because of the stretch marks.

  1. Choose your foundation wisely

If you wonder on the tips on how to plump up your lips, then you have a problem with the foundation. A good foundation leaves your face and lips pumped up. This maintains your face shape and enhances your looks. Therefore, it is vital to be keen before settling on a foundation. Besides, the foundation should also complement your skin complexion. Luminous foundations leave your skin looking too moist or flat. You should avoid such as they will not look natural. Lightweight foundations work best to cover the flaws.

  1. Use your fingers

When using moisturizer, make sure to use your fingers. This makes sure that you apply and smear properly all over the face. When you reach closer to the hair follicles, you leave your skin refreshed and moisturized. This helps you maintain a smooth and a young looking face.

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  1. Do not overdo makeup

This is a common mistake made and ignored by many people. Overdoing does not necessarily mean applying too much. It also refers to using many beauty products at the same time. Especially when you are controlling acne, you should use one product at a time. Switching from one product to another may worsen acne and pimples. You should not also use too many products at the same time as you may never know what is working and what reacts negatively with your skin. Applying a large layer of makeup is also discouraged. This makes your skin weary and makes your flaws more visible.


We have seen that beauty products can help you reduce flaws or make them worse. Derma Divine in the skin is affected by beauty products. It is, therefore, important to be keen on buying products ahead of this year’s Valentine. Make sure you make your skin flawless by using the simple tips discussed in this article. Enjoy your Valentine and surprise your partner with enhanced looks.

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