9 ways To Get Rid Of Dull Skin 


Dull skin can cause you nightmares.  Really!  That can be partly because dull skin can catch you in your most unsuspecting moments.  Either it may have been there for a long time but you neglected it or, it was the first time in a long time that you bothered to look up yourself in the mirror.  Whatever the reason may be, the concern is at hand and it is begging to be resolved.

How to bring back life to dull skin

There are countless possibilities that can count as treatments for blotchy skin but, when you want skin that’s full of vigor and that glows naturally, you have to commit to do more than just buy the newest, overpriced jar off the shelf.  Here’s a highly recommended game plan that will address your dull skin issues:

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Stop stressing

It could be an exam, an impossible colleague or worrisome developments in the home front.  You cannot escape stress and it will be present in one form or another.  What makes the difference is how you deal with it.  How you react to stress is what’s under your influence so get a hold of yourself, set aside your emotions and let your mind rule.  Just make losing that blotchy skin of yours a motivation.

Get moving

There is no cream or serum that can come close to the natural afterglow effect you can get from a great workout.  Exercise pumps blood and oxygen all over your body, practically reinvigorating tired nerves and delivering nourishment to every corner of your body. Do this on a regular basis and notice how your skin comes back to life.  Who needs a blush?

Quit your vices

Alcohol should only be taken in moderation.  The dehydration that follows seriously depletes your body, including your skin, of many essential nutrients.  A more unforgivable vice when it comes to your skin health, and your overall for that matter, is smoking.  You can’t want a flawless skin and be puffing that cigarette at the same time!

Moderate your appetite and hydrate

Getting the right kind of stuff inside your body will already win you half the battle to achieving skin that’s more gorgeous and full of life.  Getting more fresh fruits and veggies into your body will be beneficial in more ways than one — improved metabolism, improved nutrient levels, and improved cell protection and repair, among others.

Moreover, getting into this healthy eating habit will help you avoid processed foods that are often unhealthy and made up of toxic chemicals.  Whenever you can, hydrate.  Reach for your water but also obtain your water from fresh fruits and veggies.

Make exfoliation part of your regular skincare routine

In no way does that mean that you should exfoliate everyday.  The frequency of exfoliation depends a lot on your skin type and skin conditions. The more sensitive your skin is, the less frequent you should exfoliate.

Educate yourself about your skin needs

Healthy skin requires your education.  Learn the ins and outs of healthy skin, plus the specific requirements of your skin type.  In general, products made from harsh ingredients must be avoided.  When you find ingredients in the label that you can’t even begin to pronounce, time to ditch that bottle.  It could be what’s causing your skin to become dull.


Lack of sleep causes skin to become greasy and blotchy, and make your pores appear larger.  Skin experiences higher levels of water loss in these cases which leaves your skin super dry but also greasy on the surface.  Sleep is one of the foundations for obtaining healthy skin.

Stay away from polluted environments

When irritation and chronic inflammation are what’s causing your skin to become dull, check your home and place of work.  Stay away from dirt and dust.  Clean up places that you frequent regularly to keep yourself from getting irritated.

Learn about topical and clinic-based treatments

Picking up treatments for blotchy skin is tough. The solutions often go beyond a basic moisturizer.  Some of the possible treatments are topical s that include alpha hydroxy acid and retinols.  You should also read up on non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments to dry skin, such as laser skin resurfacing.


Whatever steps you decide to take, remember to, “Find your own way, have an open spirit and believe in your beauty,” entrepreneur and beauty professional, Francois Nars was quoted as saying.

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