Top Picks For Festival Attire

Festival season will come around sooner than you know it, and that means you get to pick out some new outfits and carry on building up your collection of festival wristbands. When it’s obviously important to look good with your mates when you go to Glastonbury or Reading, it’s even more crucial to make sure that whatever clothes you choose to pack, it’s fully situated in the realms of practical fashion. So if our thoughts align with yours in this regard, you’ve come to the right place.


Layer up

It might be a glorious day of sunshine when you hit the stages in the early afternoon, but you can bet that when the headliner gets on stage, the sun will have disappeared. Despite all your friends looking like they dressed for the beach, you’ll be loving your decision to layer up with a plaid shirt or some lightweight knitwear at 11pm. If it does get unbearably hot, these kind of garments can easily be tied around your waist – the quintessential festival look.


Well done for wellies

Whilst it’s tempting to just go for flip flops or sandals when you said that this festival was going to be a substitute for your summer holiday, give it a little more consideration. Actually, don’t even think about the trawling through all the mud when navigating from stage-to-stage, just think of the portaloo toilets. Wearing wellingtons is always the safest bet; camping shops will offer the best quality, but if you’re looking for something more fashionable, opt for a pair of Hunters.

Waterproof Jacket

Pretty obvious to make the list, but there are various stages of waterproof jacket: you have your makeshift bin liner poncho at the bottom, then you have your pac-a-macs as the next best option, but if you want to consider fashion and practicality, there are so many better looking raincoats that you can snap up in 2017.

Bum bags

Okay so this isn’t necessarily a clothing suggestion, but we cannot recommend these things enough, especially when they’re starting to make them more fashionable, so they make you look like less of a tourist. Bum bags are perfect at festivals – your stuff is safe from any dodgy pickpockets because it’s always visible, and your hands will be free which means holding a drink (drinks) won’t be an issue.

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