5 Luxury Street Brands You Need to Know in 2017

The debate on whether streetwear brands is just a passing phase or whether it is here to stay continues. With the likes of sports luxe or athleisure trends arriving in a dominant fashion, streetwear has continued to rise in popularity. It is no longer a style that is associated with youths, rappers or celebrities who are picture doing their morning runs. With major designers including Givenchy, Dior and Prada involving trainers, sweatshirts and joggers into their runways there is no wonder why luxury streetwear is moving further forward than other styles, or types of clothing. Below we’ve listed five luxury streetwear brands you need to know about in 2017!

Android Homme

Android Homme were one of the initial founders of the luxury streetwear movement in 2008. Javier Homme, the Designer and Creative Director, started the brand in Los Angeles, handcrafting each and every aspect of the trainers. Android Homme are seen as one of the pioneers in the luxury streetwear world, especially as their designs have been replicated all over the world.

Javier Homme truly saw a market in which he could expand and hasn’t looked back ever since, taking luxury streetwear to the next level. With a close eye to the contemporary and urban fashion movement, Android Homme have catered towards the modern man, moving away from stereotypes.

BOY London

BOY London was founded by Stephane Raynor in 1976, creating a new style of clothing for everyone. It was a brand that was loved by everyone underground and admired by those everyone. The brand continued to surge in popularity until the 90’s which saw the brand disappear for a little while, which saw BOY’s new found style. Ever since 2007, BOY London have continued to make strides in the luxury streetwear market, setting the example for other brands to follow. The popularity has been evident from the number of celebrities that have endorsed the brand, which includes Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, Gucci Mane, Madonna, Nicki Minaj and many more showcase the brand at shows all over the world. BOY London remains true its heritage and continues to set the example for other brands to follow in the luxury streetwear world. Times may have changed, but BOY remains as influential as ever.

Thom Krom

With an eye for authentic designs and the expression of style through clothing, Thom Krom have seen the brand soar to new levels in the streetwear world. Thom Krom pride themselves on a minimalistic design, moving away from retrospectives and moving towards being individual. Keep up with the idea of daily essentials it has seen people all over the world eagerly wait for the release of their collections, embodying the individualism of the brand. It is a brand for men that is subtle and understated but focuses on the aesthetic appeal. Thom Krom have consistently used influences all over the world and brought them together to create a brand completely based around ‘pure fashion’. With a combination of technical brilliance, quality fabrics and a collection staying true to the ‘premium menswear’ label, Thom Krom have strong range of clothing for everyone. Thom Krom is truly a brand that offers some a little different to the traditional streetwear brands. 

Criminal Damage

Criminal Damage is a luxury streetwear brand that caters more towards streetwear, however, can be seen as luxury. Criminal Damage experiment with the different on trend styles which include distressed clothing, muscle fit sizes and drop crotch based styles. Since 1991, Criminal Damage has continued to push the boundaries with their cheeky graphics, intricate prints and on-trend pieces but with a label that is proud to be different. For a true luxury streetwear brand, Criminal Damage tick all the boxes for men and for women.


Cortica menswear have seen their popularity increase over a short amount of time with a range of stylish, comfortable and innovative footwear. Cortica is developed in England but is renowned all over the world for their unique style, bold design and unconventional design. Staying true to the British history and heritage, Cortica have gathered intel from all over the world, exploring avenue’s in which other footwear brands have been cautious to go down. Cortica are proud to boast a design that is globally admired combined with extensive research, minimal design and a beautiful yet timeless design. The brand continues to get the best of their products which has seen them features in some of the most exclusive menswear shops across the UK. It is no wonder the result is a completely unique but loved by everyone.

Even though there are many of brands that could be included into the following list, the brands listed can be seen as the most influential. They continue to push boundaries other dare to go near and are helping progress the luxury streetwear world.

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