4 Fashion Mistakes Men Must Avoid

We’ve all been there and done that! We’ve dressed as the most handsome man in town but ended up looking complete weirdos. All this happens because you focus on the bigger aspects and forget the minute details fashion basics while dressing up. You all have the right to dress the way you want and look like you want to but then there basics that are must for one and all.

Laying out these fashion mistakes, this blog serves as a solution to various faux pas you commit every now and then.

Ill fit clothing articles

The gravest mistake out of all the ones that’ll be mentioned below is the mistake of having clothes that don’t fit you well. Whether it is too tight or too loose, it counts as a disaster. Until you’re a rapper who has a swag, loose clothes are just not meant for you. Form fit is very important every time you buy yourselves clothes. Specifically talking about big brands and their offerings like Burberry shirt or Ralph Lauren Polo will hut so bad when you ill-treat them with the wrong fit.

Un-ironed clothes

Think about the when your best friend turned at your wedding being your best man with branded suit and shirt that had creases all over? Couldn’t bare the thought? Well, you must also make sure that all your outfits are ironed well with their sharp edges perfect for your look before you step out of the house.

Choosing the wrong style in accordance to your physique

With so many brands, styles and designs of clothing articles available online, it is very confusing to choose what actually suits you. However, a little research on how you look and what will suit your body will help you find the appropriate pieces. Like the wrong fit is a sin in the fashion world, so is the wrong style for your body type.

Wrong accessories

Fashion accessories are a must have. Whether it your favorite Gucci bags or Prada shoes or anything else, carrying it with the right outfits is what makes the difference. On the other hand, overdoing the accessories or even under-doing it is also committing a crime. So, keep it minimal with both formal and casual look as well as pairing it up with the right accessories.

Which one have you committed before? Let’s keep it a secret and correct it in our fashion quotient.

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