5 Seasonal Swaps You Should Make in Your Lifestyle


Staying fit and healthy throughout any season is simply easier said than done. In general, it can be so much easier to keep performing your workout routines and even eat more fresh fruits in spring and summer than during the colder fall and winter seasons. It’s not impossible to stay healthy though and with a little research and a wholehearted commitment to maintaining your health and well-being, there are ways you can keep doing what’s right for your mind and body.

5 Tips to help you stick to a healthier lifestyle

If you can help your skin adjust and stay healthy using products that contain collagen and peptides such as Nuvoderm, there are also ways by which you can promote better health when the temperature begins to drop. Here are five of the best ways you can try to help your body keep up:

1. Get a spa treatment.

Massaging and other pampering activities have been found to help relieve people of stress. Spending just an hour at the spa can help loosen up your tensed muscles. As you sigh at the relief, your body simultaneously experiences better blood and oxygen circulation as the massaging action awakens your tired nerves and muscles.

Whenever you treat yourself with massages and spa treatments, your mood is also enhanced as the welcome release also promotes the production of higher levels of the pleasure hormone, dopamine. The happiness also gladly translates to higher levels of immunity so you can be protected from colds and flu which become common as the colder months set in.

2. Get more sleep.

Allowing yourself sufficient time to sleep most especially at night is important regardless of the season. However, its advantages become more significant in winter, particularly in protecting your body from respiratory diseases and flu which become more prevalent around these times.

The link between immune response and sleep is well established. One study in particular, which was published in 2012 in the Pflugers Archiv concluded that sleep that jives with the body’s natural circadian rhythm causes the production of disease-fighting cells that play a significant role in aiding your immune memory. On the other hand, chronic poor sleepers are subjected to what the researchers term as “chronic low-grade inflammation” which slowly makes permanent damages to your body cells. This eventually results to the development of diseases.

3. Use happy lights.

The dim, dark surroundings during the colder months are known to have real effects on people’s moods and, specifically blamed for experiencing depression. The mood enhancing hormone, serotonin, has been observed to be present at significantly lower levels in the absence of sunlight. This is the reason why many people complain of winter blues.

Don’t let your mood and your immunity down. Studies have shown how bright light helps improve both seasonal and non-seasonal causes of depression, as cited in a 2007 review published in the Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience. Don’t be worried that the benefits you derive would negate the beneficial effects of your Nuvoderm on your skin. Happy lights do not use UV.

4. Take the stairs more often.

It’s impossible to workout outdoors most especially when snow flakes are falling all around you. If you’re still too stubborn to hit the gym then, the better option would be to use the staircase. Whether you’re hitting the stairs in your place of work or in your apartment building, you’re tapping on the harder corners of your thighs, legs and core. If you do this several times a week, you’ll be surprised at how your body becomes firmer. You just might decide to keep climbing up and down the stairs even when the cold months are long gone.

5. Incorporate the season’s best fresh produce however way you can.

Staying on a healty diet can be harder in winter. Unlike in summer when there’s so much variety of vegetables and fruits, the healthy food choice in, there is a very limited number of options.

Grab those pomegranates to boost your immunity and antioxidant levels that help your body beat cell-damaging inflammation. Include kale and collards, which contain high levels of Vitamins A and C that are important in keeping your cells beaming with energy.

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You have to be ingenious to carry out the seasonal demands and threats to your health practically brought about by a factor that’s impossible for you to control —the climate. Your success depends on how you can cope. Find your way to win against the changing seasons with these 5 tips.

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