12 Hot Women Hairstyles Trending for 2017

A new year with new hopes and innovative trends is getting ready to meet us. So, we should only prepare ourselves in due time to welcome our future challenges and accomplishments in the right style. As a result, it’s time for some insights into the hot women hairstyles trends for 2017. Let’s take a look at the 16 cuts covering all zodiac signs.

1. Aries

Double Bun Twist

This gorgeous hairstyle is the perfect to fit the abundant enthusiasm of Aries. It uses all hair strands to leave room for comfort and let women concentrate more on finding the courage to follow their passions. This trend shows no sign of fading in 2017. Bloggers say this is a practical hairstyle that is preferred because of its easiness. It is most often encountered in summer because it leaves Aries’s skin breathe.

2. Taurus

Classic Cut

Taurus will never abandon their friends and traditions. Consequently, women in this zodiac sign prefer the classic cut. In all honesty, this will never be out of fashion. However, they can adopt a little bit of some 2017 glamor with a discreet balayage. The beauty of this hairstyle is that it is extremely flexible. You can always form a quick bun for a business meeting or leave it to flow for a night at the Opera. The classic cut has been spotted on the runway at the end of this year, promising to meet young fashionistas at the same place next year.

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3. Gemini

Pixie Short Hairstyle

Nothing could fit the curious personality of Gemini women than a pixie hairstyle. The good news is the year of 2017 will be extremely generous with this cute little trend. Expert say this unique and exotic look is the bold statement Gemini women have searched for a long time to express their versatile character. With a pixie cut, they can be intriguing enough to allow them to show off their two sides, namely the chatty and friendly nature and their serious and pensive one.

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4. Cancer

Long Layered Hairstyle

Yet another zodiac sign that is powerful in their loyal and sensitive nature, Cancer women deserve a long layered hairstyle. This look serves them as a perfect concealer of their private from strangers and it can be turned into any way to fit any occasion, be it casual or professional. Models and actresses don’t hesitate to wear in on the stage or at galas so it is definitely something about it that attracts all the looks.

5. Leo

Ash Blonde Long Hairstyle

Fashion bloggers say women will attract all the attention upon them in 2017 with the ash blonde hairstyle. That’s a good thing giving that they are absolutely in their best shape when they are at the center of a party. The waves capture the unpredictability of their character. The rich look can be adorned with a tiara to complement an important event.

6. Virgo

Balayage Long Curls

According to hairdressers, Virgos thrive in neat and practical looks, and the balayage long curls will help them find their focus. This haircut is easy to maintain and it allows Virgos to take 2017 by storm. Virgos can sense the smallest details when it comes to personal style, and they are their greatest critics. This hairstyle is both modern and practical enough to pass their hardest tests.

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7. Libra

Long and Straight Blunt Lob

Nothing makes more sense to Libra women than order. A shoulder-length hairstyle offers them the right harmony and a peaceful state of mind. Libras love to be among friendly social people, so, according to hairdressers, the long blunt lob will conquer the admiration of everyone.

8. Scorpio

Sleek Slick Backed Hairstyle

Scorpio women will find their perfect look in 2017 with this gorgeous sleek slick backed hairstyle. More and more technicians are offering it in their saloons. They say it will help Scorpios distinguish from the crowd as true leaders that guide their followers with passion and assertiveness. The sleek look is a wonderful feature which shows that these ladies will stop at nothing to accomplish their purpose.

9. Sagittarius

Special Ponytail Hairstyle

Sagittarius women are curious and energetic enough to travel the entire world if they have the opportunity. While they wait for the adventures the year of 2017 to bring something new in their path, they can master the beautiful art of ponytail. It is the perfect style as it blends a drop of innocence in the ocean of energy. Hairdressers say this hairstyle can be easily done at home too, so do not hesitate to wear it as often as possible!

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10. Capricorn

Short Straight Hairstyle

Hairdressers know that Capricorn women won’t allow any irregularities, not even when it comes to their own hairstyle. The shortest their haircut is, the better. They don’t have time to arrange their hair too much being too busy with conquering the world. However, other people’s opinion is important to them so that no hair strand can go astray. Moreover, some airy cosmic accessories will do the trick of turning the style around for a bit of glamour.

11. Aquarius

Discreet Pixie Cut

This short cropped hairstyle will fit just fine the shy and quiet personality of Aquarius women. The pixie cut will look stylish at all times, and it will be enough to cover up for an introvert. It is still professional enough to get the respect they deserve during eager intellectual conversations these delicate ladies love. Stylists say most Aquarius who opt for this haircut like light colors such as golden and rose blonde which allow them to stay delicate and glamorous in the same time.

12. Pisces

Mermaid Hairstyle

Pisces are creatures of mystery, and they would do anything to escape reality. They can create a style out of this world. The mesmerizing look of mermaids and the luxurious color palettes that usually accompany it gives them enough material to bring their deep feelings to surface. The year of 2017 will witness this hairstyle’s beautiful bloom because people are becoming more and more brave to try it. Stylists say it is becoming acceptable and commonplace so the demand for these colors has increased.

Now that you know your perfect trend, you are more than ready to embrace the new year. It will come with more chances for you to show off your own personal style and accomplish your deepest dreams.

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