The Ultimate Guide to Applying Fake Eyelashes

Congratulations! You’ve decided to improve your appearance with false eyelashes. It’s a great idea. Few single cosmetic applications so dramatically improve your appearance as beautiful, long lashes. Applying fake eyelashes is not rocket science but learning to do it correctly it will save you time, money and frustration.

Why Are You Applying Them?

Of course, you want to improve your appearance, but are you doing this for a specific event or just for everyday life? It matters. The selection of eyelashes out there is huge. You can purchase lashes that just add more interest and density. You can buy wild lashes in star patterns or with elaborate variations in length, better suited to the red carpet than the kitchen or car pool. Consider it very carefully what are the pros and cons of getting fake eyelashes. After, think of your goals and upcoming events, and then review what’s available.

Assemble your Tools

Is this beginning to sound like a high school biology lab? Maybe there are similarities. You don’t want to find yourself in front of the mirror, without, for example, glue or Q-tips. You need the following:

  • Mascara
  • Eyelash curler
  • Hair-dryer
  • Makeup remover/face wash
  • Eyelash application glue – preferably a dark glue to match the lashes
  • Q-tips
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors


Tailor your False Eyelashes

For the purposes of this procedure, we are assuming that you are applying fake eyelashes in their strip mode. There are many formats of which strip lashes are probably most commonly used. You can apply these steps to other lash applications once you learn the key steps.

One size does not fit all, so make sure to correctly measure and fit your eyelashes.

This is a major step. You will have little success applying lashes that are too large for your eyes, so don’t skip over this instruction thinking it doesn’t apply to you.

Prepare Your Face

There are many easy ways to remove makeup. You can use a face cleanser to prepare your eyes for applying fake eyelashes. This is very much like cleaning walls before painting. The lashes simply will not stick unless the area is clear of dust, mascara, or anything else.

Prepare the Lashes

Gently, very gently, remove the lashes from the packaging. They are fragile and split easily, so be careful doing this. Consider sliding the lashes off the frame rather than pulling them, since you may have more success.

This is the step in which you employ the lash-fitting instructions you learned earlier, so make sure to trim them to fit your eyes.

There are plenty of special kits out there, so be careful to choose one best suited for you. Often, the strips take on a natural flat shape from the box. This inhibits easy application to your lid, which is curved. Gently wrap each strip around your finger and hold them there for a minute, so the lashes take on a curvy shape.

Be careful not to get the left and right one confused. It’s not the end of the world if you do, but you will be happier with the result if you don’t.

Curl Your Natural Lashes and Apply Mascara

Do this as you normally would. It helps the false lashes stick and blend with your natural lashes. Your lashes curl better if you slightly warm the curler by heating it with your hair dryer before using.

Apply Glue to Lashes and Eyelid

Many lash kits include glue, but it’s often white in color. Instead, use the dark glue recommended because it looks more natural.

Hold the strip and dab a bit of glue along its full length. Now paint a glue line right at the base of your natural lashes as well. Wait for just a moment or two for the glue to dry. Just be very careful and follow the proper steps.

Position the False Lashes

The idea with prime positioning is to place the strip so it blends well with the bulk of your natural lashes. This means you will not exactly match up your natural lash line and the fake strip. You will probably have a space toward your inner lid that is not supplemented by the false lashes.

Close your target lid to place the lash.

Lash glue is not Krazy Glue, so it does not bond like concrete instantly. You can re-position the lash strip a bit after you place it. Once you are satisfied with the positioning, set the lashes by pressing on the base with a Q-tip, squeezing the base lashes together with tweezers or your fingers.

Do remember that your eyes are vastly more important than false eyelashes and execute these instructions with extreme respect for their health and safety. Think of applying pressure to the lid to fix the lash, not to the eyeball itself, so be very gentle

Blink a few times. If the lash is holding well, you’re done. If not, try again. For a more natural look, gently sweep your finger across the strip applying light pressure upwards. When fully dry, you can carefully curl your lashes.

Repeat these steps for the other eye.

Have Fun

Wearing fake eyelashes can give you a feeling of glamor and fun. You can learn to do this, and you will look fabulous. We strongly suggest practice. Purchase a multi-pack of inexpensive lashes to train these steps beforehand. By the time your next party comes along, you will be an expert and your friends will be begging you to give them lash application lessons!

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