Try Blue Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas for a New Year’s Eve Celebration

A new year a new you is how the saying goes. And what better way to say goodbye to the old you this New Years Eve than with a brand-new makeup look. When it comes to New Years Eve makeup, being bold is the way to go. There are no rules for makeup on this very special day, and thats why we suggest trying out blue smokey eye makeup. That is if you are bold enough to wear blue eye makeup. Keep in mind that it does take a bit of skill to make blue eye shadow look flattering. But if you go for these no-fail blue smokey eye makeup ideas, were sure youll be a stunner.

Kim Kardashian-inspired smokey blue eyes


Beauty blogger Rebekah O’Leary was inspired by Kim Kardashians blue smokey eye look by Mario Dedivanovic, and she decided to make her version of this statement look. To create this look, you will need a shimmery blue eyeshadow stick, a navy-blue eyeshadow, and a matte blue eyeshadow. An interesting thing about this look is that Rebekah doesnt use an eyeliner or pencil but a black eyeshadow close to her upper lash line to define her lashes and a bit of kohl in her water line. Shes topped the look with deep red lipstick and fake lashes, and the results are nothing short of striking.

Multi-color smokey eye

This colorful look was created using the Sleek MakeUP Ultra Mattes V2 i-Divine eyeshadow palette. The color combo here makes this makeup a perfect option if you dont feel like painting your eyes in just one color. The blues combined with a striking green in the lower lash and gorgeous teal on the eyelid make for a playful look. The pure white in the inner corner softens the eyes just a tad bit and will work best on those with close-set eyes. If you suffer from bags under the eyes, we suggest you skip applying the bolder colors in, the lower lid and waterline and opt for neutral colors in this area.

Pink and smokey blue eyes

If you want to make your eyes pop this New Year’s Eve, try out this stunning pink and blue smokey eye look. The look is perfect if you want more depth to your eyes with a touch of mystery. Youll need to apply a neon pink eyeshadow above your crease and the outer third of your eyes, closer to the outer part of your brow bone. Apply black eyeshadow on your crease and lower lash line and blend lightly with the pink. Add the blue to your eyelid and blend with the black to create the gradient look. Lastly, add eyeliner, eye pencil to your waterline, fake eyelashes, and a dab of shimmer to the inner corner of your eyes.

Vibrant blue smokey eyes

This look was created by beauty blogger Maryam Maquillage as a perfect nights out look. She combines the look with bold brows, pale nude lips, and a clean complexion. Make sure you dont have dull complexion when the big day comes because this look really looks best on a perfect canvas. The look is achieved by applying the lightest possible shade as a base all the way up to your brow bone, applying a matte gray shadow to the crease, and a vibrant blue shade all over the lid. Blending is key here to create that smokey look you are aiming for. Maryam smudges the eye liner at the end for a classic smokey finish.

Discrete navy-blue smokey eyes

For those of you who like you make up toned down and natural, this look is perfectly suitable for New Years Eve. The best thing about it is that you can combine this eye makeup with a bold lip color for a festive look. Youll need to apply an ivory color base on your eyelid and blend with a gray and navy blue eyeshadow at the outer corner of your lid. Youll need to smudge cobalt blue and black eyeshadows to create this smokey look. Finish the look with a sleek eyeliner and mascara or fake lashes if you like.


New Year’s Eve makeup should be different than what you are used to. And we see no reason why you couldn’t try your hand at creating a blue smokey eye look to celebrate the coming year. With the right techniques and shade combinations, anyone can pull off a blue smokey eye look. Just make sure that your eyes are rested, and your complexion perfects on New Year’s Eve because these bold looks can draw much attention to your eyes and your skin. Otherwise, we suggest toning down your look a little bit with lighter shades and less eyeliner. Apply your best eye cream every night and use non-comedogenic products to avoid breakouts before New Year’s Eve is due.


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